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Children's comment 

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Children's comment 

On a Friday morning a group of P6 children from Mount Vernon Primary School come to the the playgroup to read stories to the Playgroup's boys and girls. 


Every 4th Friday our preschool children go to the school to visit the P6 Book Buddies. 


The children from the school bring a selection of books with them and our children pick a story that they would like to have read to them.  The children from the School and the playgroup enjoy this experience. 


Our child love a Friday as they know they will get to see their friends from the school.

The success criteria 

•      To promote Literacy from The Curriculum for Excellence in Early Years          and Primary.

•    To enhance early reading skills.

•    To improve reading skills in Primary Children.

•    To help children to become Successful learners, Confident individuals,          Responsible citizens and Effective contributors.

•    To establish stronger Links between the Nursery and Primary School.

•    To make transition easier for the children to move to primary.

Children's comment 

Children's comment 

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In partnership with Mount Vernon Primary School

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Children's comment 

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Children's comment 

Children's comment 

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