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The Centre Playgroup Committee 

Although the Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the group, the overall responsibility for the group and its financial affairs are the responsibility of the Playgroup Committee who will ensure the group remains in a healthy financial position.  The committee organise the fundraising events and oversee the group’s financial position and is made up of parents/carers of the children attending the group.  The Committee are a great asset without whom the group would not be able to operate so it is essential each year to have willing parents/carers to assist in this important role.   


Joining the committee can require you to dedicate as much or as little of your own time as you are comfortable with to assist with playgroup issues, but it is a great way of making new friends and being involved in the group attended by your child.  Most parents/carers who have been on the committee make firm friendships with other parents and enjoy being part of the team.  


The committee is elected at the groups AGM.  Should you be interested, at any time during the year, in joining our Committee please do not hesitate to either speak to the Playgroup Manager or a member of the committee. 



Committee Members


Rhonda Donaldson – Chairperson
Dawn McCluskey – Treasurer
Nicola Devlin - Secretary 

More information about our committee can be found in our committee folder located beside the sign-in sheets in the waiting area.  The committee secretary will keep this up-to-date with upcoming events, minutes from meetings and any other relevant information.

New members are always welcome :) 

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